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The Stoner Channel: Black Sabbath Does Paris, Grandpa Busts a Cap, and What Is Dead May Never Die

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

What Is Dead May Never Die - Kadavr Exquis

This stunning piece of experimental animation by Netherlands-based graphic artist and musician Kadavr Exquis celebrates our analog history. [Cartoon Brew]

TrippyStix Reinvents Itself, Finds a Niche Among Hip-Hop Celebrities

When the Trippy Stick first debuted last Fall, it ran on butane, included a built-in grinder, and came in black. It did not end well. Now, TrippyStix has rebuilt its portable vaporizer—like completely. The butane system and grinder are now gone—making way for a rechargeable Li-ion power source and inline battery monitor. What's more, it now runs exclusively on hash oil. That sounds slick and all, until you realize that hash oil costs roughly double what conventional greenery does, $50 a gram. Luckily money is no object for the likes of Whiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, and the bevy of other rappers that have been featuring the TS in numerous videos as of late. [Trippy Stix via Big Buds Magazine]

Black Sabbath - Live in Paris at the Theatre Olympia in 1970

Oh man what an awesome show. About halfway in Ozzy bites the head off a hunchback somebody throws onstage. Epic.


Scientist Creates Pizza Healthy Enough to Eat 3 Times a Day, Every Day

Y-yes, it is only now that pizza is safe to eat three times a day. Of course. *Quietly puts fourth slice of the morning back in the fridge*

Florida Strikes Back

Duwayne Henderson and Davis Dawkins, both 19, thought they had the perfect heist. Roll into Palms the Internet Cafe in Marion County with a handgun and a baseball bat and start issuing orders. Unfortunately, they forgot they were in Florida, where just about anybody can get a concealed carry permit. Anybody in this case being Samuel Williams, who pulled out his .380 when the crooks' backs were turned and proceeded open fire. The only thing missing from this video is some Yakkity Sax as they fall over themselves trying to get away.