Anchorage By Winter - Zan Butler

Alaska's gorgeous and all but you couldn't pay me to live there. I'm sorry, what's that? They pay you to live there? How much? $500 a year? Where do I sign up? []

The Beatles - Live in Japan 1966

It's the Beatles. In Japan. In 1966. You're welcome.


President Obama Bans Spice Sales

Whether the Miami cannibal was actually on synth-weed or not (he wasn't) the compounds found in Spice and Bath Salts have earned such a bad rep in their brief period of prominence that the federal government has decided to step in and do what it does best—enact a completely ineffective ban on their sale and possession.

The President signed a bill into law Monday outlawing the 31 most common compounds found in bath salts and synth-weed. The president should of course be commended for stepping up and at least doing something about the growing problem however, one only has to look back to, oh I dunno, every other drug prohibition since the start of the nation to see that this will do very little in practice. We've already reported on how previous attempts to ban the sale of certain bath salt compounds resulted in their manufacturers simply tweaking the chemical structure to skirt the embargo, will this time be any different? Probably not. [Stop the Drug War via Weed Porn Daily - Image: Ian R]


"Oben" - EMCA

Who says animation isn't art? This fantastic graduation film by Thierno Bah, Noé Giuliani, Pierre Ledain, and David Martins da Silva of the EMCA (Ecole des Métiers du Cinéma d'Animation) blurs the lines between the two. [Cartoon Brew]


Larry Gabriel Makes an Argument for Hemp

"It's just that I find hemp prohibition to be flat-out stupid - way stupider than marijuana prohibition. When it comes to marijuana, there are effects that just make some people uncomfortable. But with hemp, there is simply nothing to object to other than the plant looks like marijuana." [Metro Times - Image: / Shutterstock]