6 backpacks filled with cocaine, found between 19th and 21st of November 2013


78 kgs of white powder have been found on a beach near Tokyo, Japan, worth about $70 million.

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E. T.


A custom-made life-sized replica has been stolen from the home of Margaret Wells in Cosham, Hampshire, UK in September 2011. In January 2012 a body was spotted by some locals off the coast of Old Portsmouth, and called the Coast Guard. They've realised really quickly that it was the good old alien and give him back to Mrs. Wells. She said:

I always knew E.T. would come home. He has lost a finger and looks a bit roughed up. But he has a smile on his face.


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57 love letters from WWII, washed up on the New Jersey shoreline during Hurricane Sandy in November 2012

All were sent from Dorothy Fallon to Lynn Farham between 1942 and 1947.

80,000 pairs of Nike sneakers, which fell off from the cargo ship P&O Nedlloyd Auckland in the Northeastern Pacific, May 1990


The first pairs were found six months later on the shores between British Columbia and Oregon, but some are still swimming through the Pacific.

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Smooth glass pieces on Glass Beach, near Fort Bragg, California


The area was used by Californians as a landfill site until 1967. There were some cars, household appliances and tons of glass. The area was cleaned many times, but North Coast Water Quality Board couldn't fix the problem, so the ocean waves did it. The millions of glass particles left there were turned into smooth glass pebbles.


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In December 2006 a container ship carrying Doritos was caught in a storm, and thousands of bags of Doritos ended up strewn on a North Carolina beach.

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Thousands of sneakers


After a ship called Mondriaan lost a few of its containers during a storm, thousands of pairs of trainers were washed up on Terschelling Island, The Netherlands.

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Thousands of alien-like jelly creatures on beaches in Washington, Oregon and California, August 2014


These bizarre blue animals are known as by-the-wind sailor or little sail (Velella velella).


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