Illustration for article titled The Strongest Argument Against Subway Cellphone Coverage Yet

QR codes don't have an especially illustrious history of implementation. Which is to say, a lot of it is very freaking dumb. But this QR code on a subway advertisement might be the dumbest.


Strike One: Most of the time, there will be a human head in the way of this code. So right off the bat either you're asking a viewer to move another human's cranium out of the way to catch the QR code, or they simply won't see it because it's obstructed.

Strike Two: This particular code was found on a subway line that is never above ground to pick up a signal. Amazing.

Strike Three: Honestly just what the balls.

Now, some trains get moved from line to line, but even then, a QR code on a subway of any kind is insane and bad and what and no. Please, badvertisers, stop this.


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