The Strongest Argument Against Subway Cellphone Coverage Yet

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QR codes don't have an especially illustrious history of implementation. Which is to say, a lot of it is very freaking dumb. But this QR code on a subway advertisement might be the dumbest.


Strike One: Most of the time, there will be a human head in the way of this code. So right off the bat either you're asking a viewer to move another human's cranium out of the way to catch the QR code, or they simply won't see it because it's obstructed.


Strike Two: This particular code was found on a subway line that is never above ground to pick up a signal. Amazing.

Strike Three: Honestly just what the balls.

Now, some trains get moved from line to line, but even then, a QR code on a subway of any kind is insane and bad and what and no. Please, badvertisers, stop this.

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You don't need to have an internet connection to read the QR code do you? Pretty sure your scanner will still get the URL info, so you'd just have to wait until you got the signal to actually go to the site. I just don't understand all the QR code hate on Gizmodo lately. I actually like QR codes, because it saves me from having to manually type in a long URL on my virtual keyboard.