As if the Sydney Opera House wasn't already striking to behold, a group of Australian artists called "The Spinifex Group" have made it even wilder. As part of Sydney's "Vivid" festival—which started on Friday—the Opera House will be home to a crazy projected light-show for the next several weeks. And it's awesome.

The Spinifex Group aren't new to the crazy-projection-light-show game; they were also responsible for the crazy lights from the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Likewise, the practice of turning the opera house into a huge screen for light-up craziness—"Lighting the Sails"—isn't new either. But the two have come together for a really fantastic outing this year based on the concept of "Play," and it's awesome to watch even on the Internet. It must be insane in person.


The show utilizes 17 carefully-synced large scale projectors will show the 15-minute loop of animated footage every night between 6PM and midnight until June 10th. The accompanying music you hear isn't blaring though; if you want to hear that you'll have to tune into an old-fashioned radio. It's a pretty incredible installation. Too bad we can't all see it in real life. You can read more about the nitty-gritty details over at Gizmodo Australia. [Gizmodo AU]