The tale of Tr!ckster, the cocktail lounge by Comic-Con where you can chill with Mike Mignola

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If you happen to be at Comic-Con, you may have noticed a groovy little lounge across the street named Tr!ckster. Indeed, some of the comic industry's finest talent like Paul Pope and Bill Sienkiewicz have been dropping by for some respite from the crowds. We talked with Tr!ckster co-founder Scott Morse about the pop-up shop's mission and many comic goodies.


What's the origin of Tr!ckster?

What we set out to do was to set-up a space where we could define the rules, an environment and party that we could set up on our own terms — a place that we could mingle with fans but still have our work available. The staff will sell a variety of work and the creators won't be distracted when talking to fans. We have an incredible team of volunteers, but it's still being run by a group of artists so we've been likening it to expecting a group of cats to build a castle out of LEGOs. You can't herd cats!

What sort of talent do you have stopping by for the rest of Con?

A few different people from Pixar, Steve Niles, Mike Allred, Mike Mignola's been stopping by. We've been making so many more excited professionals aware of the fact that we just want to hang out over here. We're using this as a haven. Lance Henriksen stopped by to do a signing. He expected it to be a [regular] signing, but we poured him some wine and he's like, "I'm not leaving! This place is great!" It helps that we have a restaurant liquor license, a music permit, and a patio.

What sort of exclusives are at Tr!ckster?

There are exclusive Tr!ckster hardcover we put together featuring a ton of today's top comic and animation people. We themed it around trickster gods. There are also Tr!ckster-themed drinks for the nights, in which you get a really nice cocktail in a glass decorated by a different artist. Tonight we have Matt Wagner's Grendel. And artists like Mike Mignola and Mike Allred are only selling artwork here.


What's next for Tr!ckster?

We have kind of a quote-unquote five-year plan. Tr!ckster was conceived to be unconventional in thinking. We don't really want to be seen as something that piggybacks off of other conventions. We want to create an identity where we can pop up any time and create an identity of ourselves in that way. We've talked about South by Southwest, a gallery in Paris, a spot in London, a bunch of different places.


You can find Tr!ckster at 200 Harbor Drive, Suite 120 (a.k.a. at the bottom of the two black towers directly across the street from the Convention Center.)



Dammit why do I keep forgetting to go to this over the past three days?!

I hope I can make it on Sunday, otherwise I'll have my own size 12 bootprint on my ass.