The Tech Behind NBC's Super Bowl Broadcast: They'll Be Using Cameras

NBC's pulling out all the stops for tomorrow's big game, and that includes upping the tech aspects of their broadcast. They're rewiring the stadium for fiber-optic cable, and their collection of cameras is awfully impressive.

Coverage of the game includes 35 high-end cameras, all focused on never missing even the smallest of details. They've rewired Tampa's stadium with 50 miles of fiber-optic cable to transmit the feeds from all of them, and are nearly doubling the on-site production crew compared to a typical Sunday Night Football broadcast. Aside from the expected overhead and goal line cameras, they've placed a camera in each goal post and in the hallway leading to each locker room for reasons I wouldn't want a football fan to explain to me.


The main cameras are Sony HDC-900/950s, with HD Canon lenses, and several "X-Mo" cameras for frame-by-frame analysis of the sidelines and goal lines. And just to be on the safe side, NBC is bringing along "several" 450-kilowatt backup generators.

Luckily, NBC won't be carrying over Fox's horrible dancing robot. Thank god for that. [Broadcasting and Cable]

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