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The Thunderbirds Cooperative Board Game is Go!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It's the official 50th anniversary of Thunderbirds, a beloved British TV series from the '60s featuring a family of mildly creepy marionettes as they save the world. A new series starring equally creepy CGI characters will debut in April, and publisher Modiphius is joining the celebration with their co-op board game.


The game will allow all the players to cooperate as they span the globe in their advanced International Rescue machines, completing missions on land, sea and air, while foiling the schemes of the nefarious Hood. Thunderbirds is being designed by Matt Leacock, best known for designing the excellent and massively successful Pandemic, so tabletop co-op fans know there's a good chance this will be a great game.


Modiphius is pushing for more expansions for the base game with a Kickstarter that's already obliterated tons of stretch goals (they're a British company, but the backer levels ship worldwide). While the miniature machines and some other components are still in the concept stage, it's already a pretty sharp looking game.