The True Odds of Airborne Terror Chart

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After the crotchbomb there has been a lot of noise about airplane security again—you can see how stupid the leaked new flight rules are here. But what's the actual risk of an airplane attack? Here's the definitive chart:

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Click to viewAs you can see, the chances are very slim. As slim as the chances of the new security rules having any real effect in preventing any new attacks, sadly.

[Data collected by Nate Silver]


You know, I think this is a very good chart. It lays it out pretty well. What it does not account for is that regardless of the number of actual deaths, the goal of terrorism is to strike fear in those who live, and to cause the enemy to look for enemies from within and to let go of freedoms of privacy and civil rights. One can make the case that the airplane deaths due to terrorism amount to nothing, if you look at it from the standpoint of those eho want to spread fear. They've been able to co-opt the governments and travel safety offices of dozens of nations around the world to their cause — by making them agents of the fear, presenting it to the traveling public as a credible threat, making it bigger than the statistics would indicate. I've just spent the last week with all the right-wingers in my family, and they fully expect that all Americans will be forced to be chipped and have their movements tracked everywhere they go... a true manifestation of Orwellian fiction. They believe this because of the big-government threat that the current president represents to them, and strangely enough, -=shockingly=-, they are OK with it. I am not. I fly home tomorrow, and I'm dreading the whole thing, and I hope that the current congress and executive does not take the latest incident as an excuse to buckle down even harder on civil liberties. I am unafraid, and I believe the fear is unwarranted. Thanks, Jesus, for putting this together.