We’ve reached out to Redditor Merubokkusu and will update if we receive a response.


The same messages were captured in an unlisted YouTube video of the exchange shared with Gizmodo by someone who asked to be identified as “a concerned trader that did some actual due diligence on the situation.” Gizmodo viewed discussions about the plans to launch “moviepass.ventures” on the Discord channel that had several mentions of HMNY, or the stock symbol for MoviePass parent Helios and Matheson Analytics, including one comment that read, “HMNY to da moon.” A Reddit thread by a MoviePass subreddit moderator with a similar username as one of the Discord users behind the hoax conversation is full of chatter about HMNY as well.

It’s difficult to know whether commenters in these threads were hoping for a stock rally a la GameStop in earnest. Helios and Matheson Analytics filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy last year, allowing a bankruptcy court trustee to liquidate remaining assets. HMNY hasn’t been worth anything since 2019 but did see a brief uptick in activity—though its stock traded still well below $1—around the time that the site surfaced. Speaking with Gizmodo over Hangouts, StonkGodCapital speculated that much of the commentary around HMNY was a joke, as no actual company functionally exists.


In other words, all indications point to a frankly elaborate hoax by a community of Redditors who hoped to grow the population of their active Discord channel about cinema. Ironically, that Discord is no longer allowing invite sharing, and the link on the MoviePass subreddit to join the channel does not work. StonkGodCapital theorized while “hilariously counter-intuitive,” members of the group may have gotten scared after discourse turned to taking “HMNY to the moon.” He said that some of the messages that were part of the initial conversation in his screenshots had since been deleted.

So unless some other, unforeseen development unfurls in the time between now and that March 22 countdown on the “moviepass.ventures” website—which is probably entirely possible given how silly this has all become—we are not getting a resurrected MoviePass. And thank god for that.