The U.S. Debt Would Make One Sweet $114.5 Trillion Skyscraper

Charts are fun! They basically make the Internet go 'round these days, what with the sharing, the memes and the Reddit and whatnot. But not this one! This one is depressing. Ladies and gents, the U.S. debt, in visual form.

On the left there is the Empire State Building. In the middle, the doomed World Trade Center Towers. Below, a Boeing 747. And then, to the right of all that, is this amazing building-like structure that is not, sadly, a concept idea for the world's largest building. That's our debt!


For a more detailed explanation, clickity click on WTFNoWay. It's really rather sad! Also, interesting. When it's put into a conceptual building comparison chart anyway. [WTFNOWAY via Laughing Squid]

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