The Unexpected Downside To Discovering You're A Megastar In The Future

The British film Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel, newly on DVD, takes a page from Bill And Ted, as its heroes discover they're rock stars in the future. There's just one catch — and it's huge and horrifying.

Oh, and yeah — spoiler alert!

Sad to say, FAQ turns out to be a much better movie on paper than in practice. It follows three slacker beta-nerds (remember when you never saw beta-nerds in the media? And now they're everwhere, like the bastard spawn of Chuck Bartowski) who discover the toilet in their local pub has a crack in time — so every time they go to the bathroom, they wind up in a different era. The whole time, Ray, the one nerd who's actually read a lot of science fiction, lectures the other two nerds about paradoxes, and what not to do: like, don't sleep with your grandmother, don't step on a butterfly, etc.


It's a neat idea for a movie, if only it were actually, you know, funny. Sadly, it falls very, very flat, and most of the jokes kind of fly beneath the joke radar. The neat bit is, the reason these guys become famous is because they write down an extended rant about why most science-fiction movie sequels suck — except for Mad Max II and Wrath Of Khan, among a couple others — and somehow this becomes a vital cultural document and decades from now, people dress up as these guys. All of a sudden, your grouchy rants about science fiction movies seem much more relevant and exciting. [IMDB]



Did we not watch the same movie??? Cuz I saw it this weekend and I loved it.

Also they became famous for what was on the BACK of that paper with the Mad Max II rant. Not the rant itself. And the whole mystery is the film never shows what actually was written.