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This Is the Vajankle, a Fleshlight Foot You Can Fuck

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Just like the human/avatar ladyparts on which they're modeled, fleshlights come in all sorts of wacky shapes and colors. But if and when making love to a plastic robot vagina starts to lose its thrill, Sin Boutique is here to cushion your deep, dark fall with the latest solo sex substitute. In the form of a foot. You can now have sex with a plastic, vagina foot.

Dubbed the Vajankle (because you can always make something worse if you put your mind to it), the disembodied sex leg is meant to appeal to the foot fetishists among us by sticking a vagina directly into a lobbed off ankle. Nail polish is, of course, optional.


If you, too, want to put your penis inside of a plastic, foot-shaped hole, the Vajankle can be yours for the low, one-time price of $180 dollars. Which is probably a steal compared to how much it would cost to Frankenstein yourself an actual vagina foot. You can even choose the nail polish/skin tone shade to match the real, decidedly less-fuckable human foot of your choice. Because sometimes, dreams really can come true. [Sin Boutique via Bro Bible]