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Vertu, maker of expensive phones, recently got some credibility handed to them it seems. The company is marketing their Ascent Motorsport Edition, which is an ultra-luxurious phone made with petroleum-resistant automotive leather inlaid with carbon fiber and Liquidmetal—you know, the stuff the future Terminator was made of. In short, it's strong. So Vertu claimed the phone could be run over by the very car it was based on: an F1 Porsche. So the New York Times called bull and got one of these phones and ran over that thing five times with a Porsche Boxster. Oh, no! What horrible things happened to the expensive Vertu phone, you ask?! Nothing. Nada. Not a scratch. Score one for Vertu.

Vertu AScent Motorsport, Run Over Five Times, Survives [Oh Gizmo!]