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The Walking Dead SDCC Panel Shares a New Look at the Maggie-tastic Adventure to Come

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
She just got a letter, wonder what it says.
She just got a letter, wonder what it says.
Image: AMC

The long-awaited return of Maggie (Lauren Cohan) to The Walking Dead has taken longer than anticipated, as season 10 was cut short because of the novel coronavirus pandemic. But AMC has given a peek at what we can expect when that finally happens—and the date when we can expect it.

AMC debuted a new clip from the delayed season 10 finale of The Walking Dead during its panel at San Diego Comic-Con. The episode was set to come on the heels of the oddly goofy “The Tower,” raising the stakes and marking the return of Cohan as Maggie, one of the biggest characters from the early seasons of The Walking Dead. Last we left off, she’d ventured off to another community after witnessing the bridge blowup that had supposedly killed Rick (it didn’t, he’s getting a movie).


During the panel showrunner Angela Kang also revealed that while season 11 will be delayed, they are extending season 10 by six episodes, all of which will air in 2021.

Here’s the new clip from the finale, which will air October 4.

As you can see in the clip, Father Gabriel is leading the stand against Beta’s army of zombies on the way to attack our heroes. He offers up a little inspirational speech to the kids, which just so happens to tease the return of Maggie who has a lot of news to digest. Unfortunately, the odds seem more than a little stacked against everyone. That’s a whole lot of zombies.


Again, the season finale will now air as a one-off finale special October 4, the same day as the new show, World Beyond, debuts. And for those wondering whether this is the end for the undead-fighting heroes, you can rest easy: The Walking Dead has already been renewed for season 11.

Here’s the full panel.

Update 7/24/20 4:25 p.m.: We’ve added the info about the extended season 10 as we continue to watch the panel as well as the isolated clip.

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