No, not Michonne. Or Carol. Or Daryl. They already all have figures anyway. I'm talking about the zombie-apocalypse-universe's real finest survivor: Clementine from the Walking Dead video games!

A lead character and star across Telltale Games' two seasons of adventure games, little Clementine's been put through an awful lot as the zombie hordes chomp their way across America - but she stands as not just one of the best representations of a child in video games, but also easily one of the best additions to The Walking Dead Pantheon as the universe has expanded across different forms of media. And finally, Telltale and McFarlane are teaming up to bring Clem to the plastic world.


The figure, which will presumably be in scale with the rest of McFarlane's Walking Dead toys, depicts Clementine as she appears in the Game's second season - a little older, but hardened by the events that have occurred around her. Clem will come with her backpack, a pistol and her trusty Zombie-dispatching weapon of choice, a hammer. She'll also be available in two different versions: A 'clean' figure and a blood-splattered variant.


It's nice to see Telltale's take on The Walking Dead get some wider acknowledgement in the franchise - but I'm hoping it's not the last figure we see of characters from the games. I'd love a Lee, Kenny or Luke on my desk so I can be reminded of EVERY TERRIBLE DECISION I'VE EVER MADE in the games. Because man, virtually all of the decisions you make end up being terrible. Thus is the reality of The Walking Dead, I guess.

According to McFarlane, Clementine will be released in the very near future.

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