The weirdest stories about objects that came shooting out of the sky

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Here are some of the weirdest objects that have fallen from the sky — from pieces of space junk to raw meat.

Space junk, around Baikonur Cosmodrome

Debris and toxic fuel landed often into people' backyards in Altai Territory. This picture from 2000 shows us a part of a Soyuz spacecraft. The villagers there collected these scraps and sold them for money.


(via Eurasianet)

The meteorite, which strikes a sleeping woman, 1954, USA

In Sylacauga, Alabama a meteorite crashed into a house, and hit a sleeping woman on the hip. The 8.5 pound, 7 inch long sulfide meteorite just made giant bruise on the victim, Ann Elizabeth Hodges.

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The Nakhla Meteorite Hits a Dog, 1911, Egypt


One fragment of the famous Martian Nakhla meteorite landed on a dog, according to a local farmer. The meteorite vaporized the poor animal in a second, and no remains of the dog were recovered. Maybe it's just a legend, because no other eyewitnesses were there to see the animal's fate. In the late 1990s, a team examined a fragment, and found a really complex material inside. They found channels and scoops in the rock that some believe are the effects of microbes that once lived on Mars.

(via Wikimedia Commons and Side Effects)

A rain of small fishes and tadpoles, Japan, 2009


Did small tornados suck a lot of minnows into the atmosphere, and throw them away many miles away? Are they coming from clouds, or an alternative dimension? Good question.

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Spider rain, Argentina, 2009 / Brazil, 2013

Well, it might be a little bit frightening, when thousands of hairy spiders fall to your head and shoulders.


Bean rain in Brazil, 1971


In Joao Pessoa, Brazil beans rained down in 1971. They came across the Ocean from Africa.

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Jelly spheres from the sky, Bournemouth, United Kingdom, 2013


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Fukang Meteorite, 2000


The meteorite, found in Gobi Desert near Fukang, China in 2000, is full of olivine crystals, which create the effect of glass in direct light. It weighed 2210 pounds (1003 kg), but some people divided it into slices. There are some small specimens and a big portion weighs 925 pounds (420 kg).

(via Southwest Meteorite Laboratory)

Ensisheim Meteorite (1492)


The 280 pound (127 kg) meteorite fell in 1492. Locals believed it was probably a sign from God, so they brought it into the city and chained it to a church so that it would not fly back into the sky.

(via Wikimedia Commons and Meteorite Collector)

Kentucky Meat Shower, 1876


It was a gentle shower of raw and fresh meat (mutton or venison), in every size from a snowflake to three inches square.

(via New York Times 1876/PDF and Meatshoponline)