The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Kind of Blue

Last December, the Modern Art Museum of Ft. Worth, TX unveiled Jenny Holzer's latest unnamed public art piece, an evolution of her continuing motif of "truisms"—such as Money Creates Taste or Lack of Charisma Can Be Fatal—on printed media.

As the MAM website explains:

Since the mid-1970s, Holzer has used language as her primary means of expression, delivering various statements and stories through a wide range of media. Beginning with inexpensively printed posters, Holzer’s art has steadily evolved in sophistication, expanding into a lexicon that includes advertising billboards, radio, television, clothing, and the medium she is most associated with—the electronic sign.


Kind of Blue is a mashup by Greg Vaughan, mixing b-roll of Holzer's work at the MAM with his own musical score. The effect is nothing short of hypnotic.

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