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The World’s Most Impractical Chess Set Can Fit Inside Your Wallet

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If your wallet serves as more of a toolbox than a place to stash a few bucks, alongside a flat-pack knife and credit card-sized multi-tools, you can also slip in this super tiny, 3D-printed chess set. Compared to playing rock-paper-scissors, it’s a far more civilized way to make important decisions.

Designed by Kiriakos Christodoulou—aka Innovo—the Credit Card Chess Set can be ordered and 3D-printed on demand via Shapeways for $11 to $13, depending on what color of plastic you prefer and whether you’d want such an incredibly impractical thing to begin with.


To play, you’ll need to snap off all of the individual chess pieces which then connect to the board using even tinier pegs. That helps ensure pieces won’t get lost if you find yourself playing in a cramped space where you don’t have access to a sturdy table, but there’s still the potential for a little piece to go missing. And when the game is over, there’s unfortunately no way to turn the set back into a credit card-sized package, unless you’ve got a tube of Crazy Glue on hand.

As a result of the 3D-printing process, all of the pieces on the board are exactly the same color, so to tell each side apart, half of them feature a hole in the middle. It’s a simple solution, but if your brain is used to seeing a sea of black and white pieces in front of you while plotting your next move, this version could prove especially challenging.


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