The World's Coolest Grandma Is A 91-year-old Superhero

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A photographer recently noticed that his 91-year-old Grandma was feeling lonely and depressed. So to cheer her up, he decided to take pictures of her as a superhero. After she saw them, she couldn't stop smiling.

Frederika (her real name) was born in Hungary and she goes by the superhero name of Super Mamika. Her pictures (taken by grandson Sacha Goldberger) are just all kinds of awesome. There's one of her sleeping next to Supeman with a cigarette in hand. There's her in full superhero attire...with a walker.

But perhaps the best thing is that Frederika actually qualifies as a real life hero: during World War II she saved the lives of 10 Jewish people by moving them around and hiding them where she could. She eventually left Hungary for France and thankfully maintained her sense of humor because she seems eager to have fun, even at 91. Just take a look at some of these photos!


Doesn't it make you happy inside? For the full set go here and here. It's definitely worth it. [Sachabada via My Modern Met via Kottke]