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The World's Fastest Baby Stroller Can Go 50 MPH of Awesome Parenting

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

To be completely correct, it's actually the world's fastest pram but it's easily the most extreme baby carriage ever. Made by Colin Furze, who wanted to "rock the world of child care", the world's fastest pram has 10 horsepower, four gears and can fit a baby easily.

All Furze has to do is reach 30mph to break the world record but he's actually hoping to top 50mph in his pram (if he can manage to stay on the thing). If I was his kid, I would hope I could appreciate the awesomeness of my ride. If I was the mother of his kid, well, I'd make sure there's at least a seatbelt and airbags. [Colin Furze via The Daily What]