Mad-Scientist Dad Just Won Father's Day By Building His Son a Jet-Powered Scooter

What was the best thing your parents ever built for you? A treehouse? Maybe a go-kart? I’m afraid their efforts pale in comparison to the jet-powered scooter Colin Furze built for his son who finally has a definite answer to the question, “which parent do you love the most?”


Unlike the jet engines powering commercial airliners whose hot exhaust could easily melt your face, the battery-powered ducted fan strapped to this scooter produces its thrust without scorching the rider’s legs. It’s also controlled remotely, allowing Furze to limit the speed of the scooter. Had my dad handed me a jet-powered scooter as a kid, five minutes later I’d be soaring off ramps and risking life and limb with it.



Look, I’m not into the bubble wrap kids -always wear a helmet thing... but maybe a speedy duct/ jet scooter is a good time to wear a helmet.