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A Pair of Aspiring Tony Starks Built an Enormous Hulkbuster Using Parts Bought on eBay

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Mad British inventors Colin Furze and James Bruton have finally revealed the finished version of their DIY Hulkbuster armor. Standing almost 11 feet tall, it towers over Furze’s tiny backyard and workshop, but does Tony Stark have to worry about losing his monopoly on armored suits?

Powered by hydraulic pumps, the British Hulkbuster is incredibly strong, able to lift, and then almost repeatedly drop, Furze, with one arm. There’s room for someone to ride inside, controlling the suit using an equally monstrous custom-built joystick. The suit can’t walk, which leaves us wondering how Furze plans to get this thing out of his backyard. But it does include a working flamethrower in one hand, so at least it can be repurposed as backyard barbecue or fire pit once Thanos is defeated.