7.) The Turkey Fryer Death Trap
And in the spirit of Thanksgiving, let's not forget those small household emergencies that, when taken as a group, constitute a country-wide disaster. It's hard to get numbers on deep-fried turkey fires, but fire departments America over HATE deep-fried turkeys. Hear that? Your turkey is making those sexy dudes on our calendar sad.


This blog post has various reported numbers from different agencies, insurance companies and consumer groups all over the country. There are about 4,300 fires on Thanksgiving on any given year of the last half-decade, and Allstate (which does not insure everybody) gets about 1,000 claims a year for deep-fryer fires. In the seven years before 2005, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission had 112 reports of incidents involving turkey fryers. These incidents included both fires and burns from the fryers, so it may not be the riskiest thing you'll eat this year, but let's just say it's more dangerous than the tarantulas.

A special thanks to Jacob Neufeld and Jessica Cole for their input.

[Photo of the Pekin fire via Francis Miller/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images. Photo of the Cambria spill via Ethanol Incidents. Photo of the Washburn Mill via MNHS. Photo of the Molasses flood via Corbis.]