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The Zune Remote Works on the Xbox 360

Nothing spectacular, but Cesar from Zune Insider found out that the little remote that comes with the Zune AV pack works on the Xbox 360 if you enable inputs from other remotes. Don't believe us? Check out the video.


Nothing breathtaking, but it saves you from having to buy a separate remote if you've already got a Zune with an A/V Pack. Jebus knows we've got enough remotes already.

Use Your Zune Wireless Remote to Control Your Xbox 360 [Zune Insider]

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Does anyone know what code format the remote is in? With the original Xbox you could simply put in the codes for an RCA DVD player on a universal remote (the only way I figured it out was because the Xbox remote keys and layout looked similar to the RCA Receiver remote I had) and away you'd go. Just wondering if anyone has figured it out for the Xbox 360 yet.