Themes for Windows Phone 7 Are a Travesty

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Windows Phone 7 is a beautiful mobile OS precisely because you can't screw it up. Microsoft created something clean and gorgeous, and no phone company can slather their themed dreck all over it. However, if you're a masochist, try this!

Themes for Windows Phone 7, a Windows desktop application, kicks all of the mobile OS' aesthetic virtue squarely in the balls. Pristine, modernist tiles—smeared with a stupid goddamn picture of a grasshopper. Skins take all of the clarity and ultra-legibility of WinPho and rip it off, like live skin torn from your face, as you run around moaning in despair.

Luckily, this is an entirely unofficial piece of software that requires a rooted phone, so don't blame Microsoft—blame the programmer with his head up his ass who want to offer a lift to the UI dark ages. [Engadget]