Photo: AP

At this point, it would almost be bigger news if blood-testing startup turned blood-testing fuck up Theranos managed to do something right. Nevertheless, the company continues to amaze, somehow outdoing every embarrassing error with an even dumber and more painful blunder.


Today, that blunder is ā€œfailing to conceal the recipients of a group email,ā€ something Theranos did while messaging investors, apparently outing several of them to the press.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the company failed to BCC some 132 email addresses last week in an update written to ā€œTheranos investors.ā€ Among other recipients, people representing the Wal-Mart-owning Walton family, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraftā€™s Kraft Group and Mexican billionaire Carlos Slimā€™s Inbursa were sent the email later obtained by the paper.

ā€œPrevious emails to investors from Theranos appeared to use the ā€˜blind-copyā€™ field, hiding the names of recipients from other recipients,ā€ notes the Journal. ā€œThe email recipients declined to comment or couldnā€™t be reached.ā€


Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes, who was presumably tying her shoelaces together before stumbling down an enormous staircase, was not immediately available for comment.