There Finally Might Be A Good 12th Doctor Action Figure Coming

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Despite being Doctor Who’s Doctor a whole year now, Peter Capaldi’s not had much luck getting a decent figure of himself—the first one was absolutely dreadful, and although there’s a pretty decent 1/6th scale version on the way, it’s a lot pricier than most people are willing to pay. Enter this new, 5” figure... that’s at least a start.

Before Doctor Who figures were shrunk down to the 3.75” scale last year, The series was exclusively in a 5-6” scale line—so the fact that there’s finally going to be a Twelfth Doctor figure in that height is a big deal for fans who want one to put in their lengthy lines of Doctors past. So step forward Underground Toys’ attempt to shrink Peter Capaldi down into a plastic figure:


It’s a surprisingly admirable attempt, if not perfect, but it’s likely the best you’ll find for a $20 price point. The figure is based on one of the myriad permutations of Capaldi’s outfit as the 12th Doctor—white shirt, no cardigan, for those playing along at home—and is lightly accessorised, with naught but a sonic screwdriver to his name. At least this one actually resembles Capaldi, instead of looking like a low-budget Anthony Bourdain action figure. It’s a start, it’s just a shame it’s taken this long for it to happen.

There’s no details available as to when the figure will be out—but expect sometime within the next few months, to capitalise on the show’s return.


[Via Toy News International]

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