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There is Honor in Typing With a Klingon Keyboard

Illustration for article titled There is Honor in Typing With a Klingon Keyboard

Cherry Keyboards' Klingon Language keyboard is the best way to write a love song, a love poem, a love sonnet, or a love threat on your computer, assuming your computer still has a PS/2 port.


It's a good thing the Klingon alphabet has 26 characters, or Cherry would have had to redesign the keyboard to shove an extra key on there (or take one off). The same 26 characters as the English language. Coincidence? Or is it nicely explained by that one TNG episode where it was shown that the major species were distributed by some group of ancient beings? [Cherry Keyboards via BBG]

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LindsayJoy's MBP is into S+M

I find it awesome that you can search google in Klingon. Also that you can a Klingon Language course for credit at universities like Columbia (or were able to at least a few years back). Never found Klingons hot. I said it once and I'll say it again. I want Data. Fully-functional Data. I want to be Tasha Yar in "The Naked Now". Picard ranks second. He has got the X-men TNG thing wrapped in one. Q third.