It was only open for about five years, but back in the 1990s, there was a restaurant in New York City staffed by dozens of sets of twins. It was simply called Twins Restaurant (personally, I would've gone with Double Trouble) and as you can imagine, it was a popular tourist attraction for twins visiting New York.

From Mental Floss:

Opened in 1994, Twins Restaurant was located on the Upper East Side. Its staff consisted of 29 sets of identical twins who worked as hostesses, bartenders, waiters, and waitresses. It was owned by Lisa and Debbie Ganz (identical twins) and Tom Berenger (there is only one Tom Berenger). In fact, there were only two nontwins who worked there full-time: the chef and the general manager.


The 1997 Associated Press story below tells the tale of twin women in Pennsylvania whose husbands conspired to take them down to New York and surprise them for their 30th birthdays by taking them to the Twins Restaurant.


If you were a twin visiting New York from elsewhere, it was almost like you had to go. As "Dear Abby" wrote about the restaurant in December of 1994: "If they're still in business when I get to Manhattan, I am going to book a table for two and bring my twin sister!"

You can read more about this short-lived restaurant over at Mental Floss.

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Image via Getty Images: July 5, 1943: Private Rita (left) and Private Lilah Clark, 17-year-old twins and A.T.S. volunteers, pouring cups of tea in the canteen of the Vehicle Reserve Depot.