There's a Knock-Off Segway For Kids Who Hate Walking Too

It was heralded as the device that would change cities and urban landscapes forever. But thanks to a price tag that put it in direct competition with a used car, the Segway ended up a punchline instead of a revolution. Will that ever change? If we get kids addicted to never having to walk again with ride-on toys like the Dareway, the Segway might one day become a hit.

It's a little hard to put all of your trust behind a toy called the Dareway, but for $200 it promises a pseudo-Segway experience for anyone weighing less than 89 pounds—so a cheaper Segway for adults it is not. It also doesn't balance, instead relying on a pair of nearly invisible extra casters underneath to keep it upright. But it can hit speeds of 3.7 mph, and kids are encouraged to customize the Dareway with included flame decals or phrases like "don't judge me as I roll by, I was once human too." [Feber]


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