There's a new Rocket Raccoon Toy out and it's absolutely terrifying

The rush to capitalise on Guardians of the Galaxy's box office success with tie in merchandise has lead to some pretty strange items - take this official Guitar and Guitar strap, for example - but none are quite so petrifying as this new Vinyl creation by Frank Kozik. Not even anime Rocket!


It's not the first time the artist has turned his hand to Marvel characters in his range of Vinyl 'Labbit' designs, he's made multiple series of them featuring everyone from Captain America to Ghost Rider, but none quite hit the 'oh jesus christ what the what ahhhh' mark as this new Rocket Raccoon.

I think it's the faux fur tail. Or the expression. Or everything, really.

If you're interested in picking up your very own Rabbit-Raccoon-Vinyl hybrid creation, Kid Robot are selling the 7" toy for $49.99 right now.


[Kid Robot, via]

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