In the world of watchmaking, MB&F has always had a soft spot for creating the occasional mechanical marvel that can't be strapped to a wrist. Such as the company's latest creation, a robot named Melchior that can't vacuum floors, clean windows, or open doors, but can keep track of the time while serving as an awesome piece of eye candy on your desk.


The robot itself can't move on its own, but it is posable, and its 480 various components spin, tick, and slowly rotate as this desk clock counts off the seconds, minutes, and hours. One of Melchior's hands, which looks like a gatling gun, can be removed and used to wind the clock, but with an impressive 40-day power reserve you'll only have to do that about nine times throughout the year.

The clock is being limited to just 99 pieces, but you'll have your choice of a monochromatic light version, or a two-tone version with dark contrasting body panels. There's no pricing info, but the limited availability and horological engineering behind it mean it probably isn't going to come cheap. In other words, you might be better off spending your cash on a new ATLAS robot and strapping a cheap digital watch to its wrist. [MB&F via Perpetuelle]


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