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There's More Ingenuity In This Wooden Marble Machine Than the Sum of My Entire Existence

Equipped with a marble, some wood and the principles of potential energy, kinetic energy and gravity, one man built a remarkable machine that warps your very sense of what's physically possible. Prepare yourself, then hit the clip at 2:30.


While this video eventually ends, the device can keep going, sending the marble in a loop from the top to the bottom to the top (to the bottom...) without stop, as long as a single weight is repositioned to reset various components.

And, if for some reason, you're one of those guys thinking to himself, "Meh, I could do that." Please, please do. [Reddit via CrunchGear]

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Um... I'm not positive but I don't think a single weight is all that needs to be reset. Homeboy has to reposition about 25 things after it's done.