Voltron was one of the original ‘cool transforming toy robot sets that combined to make a bigger, awesomer, toy robot’ but given the restrictions of ‘80s manufacturing techniques, the giant robot had some limitations when it came to posability. But Toynami’s new Ultimate Voltron EX doesn’t.

Decades after the original Voltron set hit toy store shelves, Toynami’s updated version is available for pre-order for $400 from the BigBadToyStore, shipping sometime in the summer. So why drop almost half-a-grand on a toy you haven’t owned since you were a child? Because Toynami’s Voltron is Voltron done right.


Not only are the five individual lions modelled with anatomically-accurate stances and impressive articulation allowing them to even sit, but the 16-inch tall Voltron they combine to form is almost as posable as the G.I. Joe figures who used to battle your original Voltron set.

It might not be a 100 percent faithful recreation of the original ‘80s Voltron toys, but the improvements certainly make up for any inconsistencies collectors might otherwise complain about.

[BigBadToyStore via Toyark]


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