Thermostat Automagically Learns Your Heating Habits

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Winter is coming. Why not keep you and your dire wolves warm with a temperature gauge that learns your heating habits without making you press that damn SET button on your thermostat. Does that button even work?


Instead of those damn up and down buttons, the Nest employs a dial to adjust your home's temperature. The unit displays the current temperature and glows red if the heater is enabled and blue if the A/C is keeping you from sticking to your chair. After a week of spinning the household-temperature dial, the Nest actually learns your schedule and begins to set the temperature on its own. Wi-Fi enabled device is controllable from your computer or smartphone and if you're concerned about the Earth or how much money you're spending a month on heating your home, the device displays a leaf when you're actually saving energy. The $249.00 Nest should be available in November. [Nest Labs]


"the device displays a leaf when your [sic] actually saving energy"

How exactly does it decide that? I'm guessing it must take what it memorizes as your typical weekly heating/cooling habits and when you break those habits and heat or cool less, you are saving energy. Of course, if that is the case, after a while, those will be your new habits and it will get harder and harder to "Save" energy and eventually you will never see the leaf again.

Perhaps it decides based on preset heating/cooling limits. For instance, if you don't change the temperature more than 10 degrees above/below the actual temperature? I dunno.

(Also, I wonder if the energy saved concept takes into account the electronics in this thermostat that my conventional mechanical thermostat doesn't have to power. Surely it's minimal. Just curious.)