These Action Figures inspired by the work of Jae Lee are just stunning

DC Collectibles figures have long been a line known for some amazing figures - but they're getting even better next with this wave of amazing toys based on artist Jae Lee's work for Batman/Superman.

The 7" scale figures are due for release in the summer of next year, and you can check all four of them - Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Catwoman - out in this video preview from DC All-Access:

Whilst Lee has worked on a variety of comics for DC and Marvel over the years, his work on Batman/Superman is particularly striking, and it's translated superbly into these figures.


I love that they aren't just 'realistic' takes on Lee's designs translated into figures, but actually try to emulate the his style in figure form - the detailing lines, the softer colour pallets, they really do look like they've been ripped from the page and made 3D. It doesn't always work when figure makers try to do it, but I really do think it works here.

Now just to wait a year until I can get my grabby mitts on them.

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