These Adorable Interstellar Robot Figures Are Made Out Of Wood

It's maybe not so weird that there's not been any merchandise for Interstellar yet. I mean, it's not really the sort of film that craves action figures. But if there were toys of the weird robots from the film, I'd buy them in an instant - or, as Redditor Espiffany did, build some!

These awesome homemade versions of TARS and CASE are actually very simple - carved blocks of wood that have been painted and then connected together by magnets to simulate articulation for the robot's weird movement pattern. The final figures came out really great, and it does make me a little sad there wasn't a TARS you could buy and pose.


No matter though, as espiffany posted some detailed pictures of her creation process for the figures, so I'm going to go and find some crafting materials and just build one myself. Check out the full Imgur Gallery below to see:

[via /Film]

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