Two Adorable Lego Dinobots Transform Into Even More Adorable Lego Dinos

These smaller-scaled versions of Grimlock and Sludge by Flickr User Chief Supreme are already cutesy little builds - but they're all the more impressive that they can fully transform into their dinosaur counterparts. And they still look just as cute!

It's amazing how Chief manages to capture the characters in both forms in such a small scale - they're still recognisable as the characters, even on a reduced scale - and yet they still also function as proper Transformers and can be changed between Dino and Bot form in that scale too:


Such creativity! Sludge's chainsword being incorporated as his spines is super cool. Grimlock is my favourite though, mainly because he transforms into his 'classic' standing pose, rather than the more modern (and more accurate, I guess) flatter pose:

The giant teeth! The itty bitty robo-dino arms! So cute. Me Grimlock, rawr, etc.

You can see a few more non-dinobot transforming models on Chief Supreme's flickr, including a pretty rad Shockwave.


[via The Brothers Brick]

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