These Are Some of the Best Microscopic Images of the Year

Every year, GE Healthcare runs a competition to find the best microscopic cell images of the year—and here are some of our favorites from the shortlist.

You can actually go look at all of them over on GE's website and vote for your own favorites, which will help decide which one is crowned the 2014 winner. (For your efforts, you can also snag a free calendar made up of the images.) Though we're not trying to influence you, below are a few of our favorites. [GE]


Dorsal root ganglia with multi-colour staining of neurites.

Mouse spermatocyte spread stained for KASH-5 and SCP3 (red and green) and DNA (blue).


Newt chromosome stained for RNA splicing factor (red) and Polymerase II (blue).


Mice cortical neuron primary culture expressing a GFP fusion protein (green) stained for neurites (red) and DNA (blue).

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