These Are the BOOMco Halo Blasters Master Chief Would Choose

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We caught our first glimpse of BOOMco’s new Halo line back at Toy Fair 2015, followed by a couple of smaller blasters later in the year at Comic-Con. But now we’ve finally got a pair of Halo BOOMco blasters that even Master Chief would be proud to carry into battle.

The Halo Covenant Carbine Blaster (blue) and the UNSC SMG Blaster (red) both use a vertically-fed clip that many BOOMco enthusiasts are actually a little wary of. Smaller clips work fine, but the folks at Blaster Labs discovered that the Dynamag, which also holds clips vertically, had a tendency to misfire and occasionally completely drop larger, heavier clips. Yikes.


But Mattel promises that both these blasters have been designed to avoid jams, and hopefully the toymaker has also come up with a more secure way for them to hold heavier clips in place.


There’s no pricing info for the BOOMco UNSC SMG Blaster yet, but the Covenant Carbine Blaster has already popped up on Amazon for $20, and you can probably expect the two to be similarly priced. There’s no word on whether or not BOOMco plans to release a Warthog accessory to go along with these new additions to the line, but we can all dream, right? [BOOMco]


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