These Are the Prices for the Unlocked iPhone 5

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If you're feenin' for some action on an unlocked iPhone 5, Apple has announced the prices for them: It'll be $649 for 16GB, $749 for 32GB and $849 for 64GB. That's the same unlocked price as the unlocked iPhone 4S when it released last year.


It's certainly a hefty chunk of change and won't become available to US customers for at least "several weeks", according to The Verge, but you're free from the contract of those evil carriers. Of course, you'll still need a carrier plan to use the phone but with an unlocked model you can just plug in a NanoSim and pick whichever carrier you feel like (if it's compatible with your unlocked iPhone 5, that is). The unlocked iPhone 5 only works with GSM networks so you won't be getting any Verizon or Sprint action here but T-Mobile customers could certainly give it a whirl.

Would you guys buy an unlocked iPhone 5 for this much money? Or would you sell your soul to the carriers for that fatty discount? [Apple via The Verge]



Personally I'd rather sell my soul for the fatty discount. Either way I'd still be paying for a plan with data, regardless of whether or not I'm obligated to stick with the same service for 2 years.