These Disgusting Red Worms Have Been Found in Tap Water

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Never drink water again. Or never drink water for as long as humanly possible. Or fine, drink water but make sure you watch out for these disgusting little red worms that have somehow dug their way through inside a water filtering system in Oklahoma. Those red worms—ranging from half an inch to an inch long—were found in the tap water of a small town. Yikes.

Right now, residents of Colcord, Oklahoma have been asked to not drink water, not use it to brush their teeth and not use it to prepare food. But! Taking showers and other activities are okay because who doesn't like bathing with itty bitty curly red worms. Gross.

But all is okay! Apparently, red worms popping up in water isn't a health risk. Erin Hatfield, spokeswoman for the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, told the AP that, "there are no adverse health effects with the red worms" and Alan Roberson, director of federal relations for the American Water Works Association, said, "Red worms are considered a nuisance organism but not a health risk."


Yeah. Still not drinking water. [AP via Consumerist]

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Joon Skeezle

Literally never drinking tap water again. I'm not even close to Oklahoma, but it doesn't matter. This is some scarred for life shit right here.