Other than lasers and Elon Musk, magnets might be the most superhuman objects we have on this dear Earth of ours. They can make things fly, they can make things stick, they can demolish laptops, they can make you squeal and scream and feel like a kid. Another thing magnets can do? Make clothes. The two dresses above were "grown" using magnets.

Product designer Jolan Van Der Wiel, who makes bowls, side tables and other items with magnets, and fashion designer Iris van Herpen, who has designed clothes for Bjork and Lady Gaga, teamed up to create silver dresses using the power of magnets. How did they pull it off? By adding iron fillings and resin to the fabric of the dress and using magnets to pull at the filling and resin to create a design. Supposedly, each dress took three weeks to make.


The clothes look like the skin and skeleton of a scaly alien. Up close, the detail is pretty incredible. See more pictures here. [Fast.Co Design]