These Gorgeous Spotlight Speakers Beam Sound, Not Light

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I love cool things that look like other cool things. These bee-yoo-tee-ful speakers by designer Michael Young look like something you'd use to light up a zeppelin. But despite the Art Deco prettiness, they're teched-out iPhone-docking, iTunes-streaming speakers.

The $1,030 EOps i24R3 system packs a 3-inch, 20-watt driver on each speaker, with a 4-inch, 40-watt woofer built into the receiver. And that receiver has more stuffed into it, including a 2.4 Ghz RF transmitter that'll communicate with iTunes via USB dongle. It's not quite AirPlay (which is a bummer!) but better than having to sully something so wonderful looking with more cables. [Colette via HypeBeast]