These Heartbreaking Ads Show How Useless Facebook Likes Can Be

We toss around likes as if they were high fives on the Internet. As affirmation of people doing the right thing. As oh hey look cool. As being silly and ironic. As the digital form of support. As a hug. As a fist bump. But what do those thumbs up actually do? Boosts someone's ego? Spreads your online seed? In reality, nothing.

Ad Agency Publicis Singapore created an advertisement for Crisis Relief Singapore that says, "Liking isn't helping". It shows people who are in clearly need of help surrounded by a crowd of thumbs up (which are photoshopped in). It makes your stomach turn and hits home a little bit, supporting a cause by liking it isn't doing much.


People need more than just a Facebook Like or retweet or Instagram post. You can help Crisis Relief here. [Crisis Relief via PetaPixel]

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