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These Nike Free 5.0 Shoes Are Like Chinese Finger Traps for Your Feet

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you put on these Nike Free 5.0s, you might not be able to ever take them off. That's because the latest training kicks from Nike use a lockdown system inspired by Chinese finger traps. That means these shoes lock down your foot so you can move more freely.

Nike Frees have always mimicked barefoot running and with the new 5.0s, that idea gets extended for the upper of the shoe too. The woven upper does a better job in adjusting to and moving with the movements of the foot. The principles are taken from the Chinese finger traps, it adapts to your movements. Nike says:

Designers Laura Parrett and Jeff Rasmussen took inspiration from the Chinese finger trap device. Like the toy, the upper consists of intertwined bands that are soft and pliable. When the foot is at rest or moving forward or backward the bands are flexible and compliant. When pressure is applied with side-to-side movements the bands engage and tighten around the foot for enhanced support.


Plus, it looks cool as hell. The Nike Free 5.0s come out on March 28th. [Nike]