These Pitches For Low-Key Marvel Movies Are Perfect

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a big place, one in which characters can go from fighting evil aliens hellbent on destroying the city to sharing some shawarma in a blink of the eye. Even so, many of the best parts of these stories happen off-screen (at least so far). Which is why we were so delighted with these.


In response to a piece on the small-scale Marvel movies we wish we could see, you all responded with your own genre delights. If you need me, I’ll be over here, continually refreshing my movie-times page until My Dinner With Iron Man pops up. In the meantime, read these:

My Dinner With Iron Man

The Sock of Ages

My Dinner with Iron Man

Following the events of Civil War, during which Steve Rogers and Tony Stark find themselves as true adversaries for the first time, the two old friends and colleagues sit down for a meal together to try to figure out how they grew so far apart and what their futures might hold. Shot in real time at the shawarma place from the first Avengers.


“There wasn’t a cracked street, there wasn’t a ruined building, that wasn’t connected to some memory in my mind. There, I was chasing down Erskine’s assassin. There, I was fighting Chitauri. There, I was throwing Tony through the Chrysler Building. And when I finally came in, Sharon was home from SHIELD, and I told her everything about my dinner with Iron Man.”

Stand By Cap


Let’s go way back. How about a Rob Reiner-esque period comedy-drama about Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes as boys? Where did such a guy like Steve get his patriotic beginnings? How did Bucky come to care for him? The movie can have all these very slight references towards the future, etc, but no actual sci-fi or comic elements. New York city in the 1930’s-40’s would be cool enough. I miss the “Kid Adventure” genre.


Captain America: E-Bay Wars


I have mentioned it before, but I’d appreciate a One-Shot about Coulson and his desperate E-Bay bidding war over some rare Captain America paraphernalia.

Jamie Fox-Canning

He loses. A throwaway line in another short film reveals his bidding opponent was Steve Rogers himself, who is very confused about this mysterious rich person who desperately wanted Cap memorabilia instead of just meeting him in person. (He confronts Tony to make sure it’s not him. Maria Hill overhears them and excuses herself to call Coulson.)


The Office (Asgardian Edition)


I want a small move or a series that’s set up like that old show Spin City, except it’s Asgard, and Loki plays BOTH the parts of Odin the inattentive King and Micheal [sic] J Fox’s role of city deptuty [sic] mayor. local politics and constituent griping become his daily chore, and he finds solace in screwing with the whiny asgardian citizens while also playing both sides of the fence against sycophants going over his deputy mayor identity directly to his king identity. Hijinks ensue.




Hawkeye / DareDevil: Hells Kitchen Heroes for Hire

(written by Matt Fraction, w/ at least one Pizza Dog episode per season)