These Podcast Awards Have Your Listening Needs Covered to the End of Time

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The Parsec Awards for scifi, fantasy, and horror podcats just announced their 2015 finalists. The 13 categories include audio dramas, fiction readings, fandom news, writing roundtables, comedy, and “facts behind the fiction.”

With megahits like Serial and Welcome to Night Vale creeping into the mainstream, podcasts have gone from niche entertainment to kind of a big deal. But it’s nigh-impossible for newbies to pick out the gems from the hundreds of podcasts vying for ears, especially when it comes to the countless podcasts on the geekly arts. Awards like the Parsecs help separate the wheat from the audio chaff. So take a listen to the nominees and find your next favorite download for the morning commute.


The Parsec Awards are presented each year at DragonCon.

Top Photo: 2014 Parsec Awards Ceremony by Kyle Nishioka (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0).