These Rugged Headphones Should Brighten Up Your Workout

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We died a little on the inside when Klipsch launched a set of purple, Lou Reed-endorsed headphones last year. Now, the company is continuing its colorful theme, but fortunately this time it's ditched celebrity endorsement and gone rugged instead.


Essentially a toughened-up version of the excellent Klipsch S4i earbuds, these little fellas come in red, yellow, orange and blue, and are, happily, water-resistant. They pack the same 8.5mm dual magnet drivers as their non-rugged cousins and come with an Apple-compatible inline remote/mic to boot. What's more, they look really quite nice. Well, if you like primary colors.

They're due to hit the shelves next month for $99. If that's a little too rich for your tastes, though, then why not check out our sports headphones Battlemodo—because you might be shocked by the price of the winners. [Klipsch]



It's a bunch of bullshit. I owned the S4I. While they are great sounding earphones, the build quality is garbage, and that little bit of plastic between the wire and the earphone tears in a matter of weeks even if you baby the product. The cable itself frays a lot and its an extremely thin cable.

These appear to be built the same way, except they replaced the glossy black plastic with a rubbery material I imagine, wooptifuckingdoo.

I can't see the earphone jack connector type in the picture but the one for the S4 is long and straight and will cause wire wear and tear.